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BC vs. first (and arrogant oldies)

O There are a lot of >riders 
>out there, who don't ride competitively (i.e., in the top ten) nor do 
>they >want to.  These are the riders that should get the recognition,

You would have LOVED the War Eagle.  Brian Bourne would begin the awards
by announcing the "winners" and then say, "You got your points, that's
what YOU came for the awards..."  He gave all sorts of good
stuff.  Like my "Middle of the Pack Award"  It was a reflector off the
highway, with an engraved plate on top that said, "Neither fast nor slow,
just middle of the road".  I actually won that TWICE out of over 70
horses.  I was just a terribly mediocre person.

> Why else would so many people be willing to spend 
>thousands >of dollars each year to receive a $30 award jacket?  Oh yes,
it's sooo >>impressive....last time I wore it I was told to "take that
hairy thing >>off". hmmmmm....well maybe black polar fleece and horses
don't go >together.  ;^)

Speak for yourself!!!  I LOVE my black polar fleece.  Besides, I wouldn't
dare wear it with the horses, I wear it to school so my students can say,
"Who's Kaboot Herlong??"  Just run it thru the dryer, and take the rest
of the hair off with Duct tape, then save it for special occasions!  I'm
busting my butt trying to win another one this year, and I hope to
goodness they haven't read all ya'lls comments about the polar fleece. 
I'm afraid I'll get one of those little useless windbreakers like they
used to give.  If so, I'm ordering my own polar fleece with monogramming
and sending *you* the bill! >bg<  (Listen to me, I may not even get one,
but I can hope!)


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