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Re: RC: BC vs. first (and arrogant oldies)

At 05:10 PM 11/02/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>She's back....... with just another couple (yeah right!)
>thoughts on this subject. It seems to me that as a newbie,
>when you see the winners receive the glory and the
>headlines, and then you have to "research" to find BC
>winners, that something is wrong with that picture. It's

If I could just interject another point of view.  There are a lot of riders 
out there, who don't ride competitively (i.e., in the top ten) nor do they 
want to.  These are the riders that should get the recognition, I 
think.  It's a good thing that everybody doesn't want to ride fast, or'd be *real* tough to top ten!  I think that the majority of the 
riders out there are in it for their own personal satisfaction, and to meet 
their own goals.  It's nice to win or get B/C but it is also just as 
rewarding to complete.  Some people don't understand that, and those are 
usually the ones that are too serious, and seem to be unhappy and have 
frowns on their face when they are out on the trail.  I can't understand 
why these people do something that seems to be so unrewarding to them -- 
they are only happy if they are winning and grumpy otherwise.  If you are 
seeking recognition in this sport from others, then this will probably be a 
real disappointing sport for you...but if you are in it for your own 
personal fulfillment then this will be the greatest thing you've ever 
done!  It is indescribable the feeling you get after completing your first 
ride, and after you've done a 100 or a 5 day ride then you really have a 
strong sense of satisfaction and an enormous bond with your horse~~for most 
of us, these are the things that keep us addicted to this sport.  Doesn't 
matter to us what other people think or what recognition we receive, that's 
not the point.  Why else would so many people be willing to spend thousands 
of dollars each year to receive a $30 award jacket?  Oh yes, it's sooo 
impressive....last time I wore it I was told to "take that hairy thing 
off". hmmmmm....well maybe black polar fleece and horses don't go 
together.  ;^)

Anyways, I just wanted to say that some of the riders that I have the most 
respect for are not the ones who are finishing in the front of the 
pack.  (not that anything is wrong with that)  Just that there are some 
really great people and horses back there, and nobody seems to notice 
because they aren't getting top ten's or B/C's.

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,010 miles
& Weaver, 3,155 miles

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