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Re: RC: My new horse "Journey"


It's amazing to me how many people are starting youngsters this fall.  Welcome!!!

I have a 4 year old Arab gelding that we got in August.  He'd had some ground manners, but no work under saddle, lounging, driving, etc.  This weekend we went on our first two trail rides (maybe 3 miles each day) instead of riding in the field.  We followed a more experienced horse (my husband on his 18 yo retiree) and took one of our steeper, rockier trails.  In the open hay field getting
to the trail head, he was bucking, tossing himself about, etc. since he had left buddies behind for the first time.  When we got to the wooded, rocky trail, he had to start paying attention to his footing!!!    He lowered his head to look for rocks under the fall leaves & trees across the trail and started to watch what his "buddy" did.  We kept the entire ride <extremely> interesting for
him so he didn't have time to shy or act up.  If he slowed to snort at something, his buddy was leaving him.  Uh oh!  The second day (today) he had to lead!!!  He went from pretty complacent following Major to all attention on the world.  No spooks, one hoogum-boogum to stare at (new, shiny culverts), and a treat at the end.  Not too shabby.

Our goal is some LD or CTR in the Spring/Summer and move up as his conditioning allows to slow 50's.

The endurance page has a newbies section with lots of good info - check there for hints.  There is also a page with a list of mentors for endurance... you might find someone near you.

I'd be happy to share experiences with you since our two horses are at a similar point in their training!  Good Luck!!

Linda Flemmer (and Rocket (arab), Major (retired, than you), Razz (I'll be doing WHAT?))
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

> Maria Berger
> Hi Y'all,
> My name is Maria (Riet) Berger, 46 years young, living in Texas with three horses, husband (Douwe) and our three teenagers. Eventhough we have been riding English for the past 30 years, I am new in endurance riding. I just bought an Arabian X Mustang cross, 4 years old, bay and 15.1. I can't wait for us to go on our first trail. I can use all the info I can get so feel free to e-mail me.
> Hope to see you on a ride somewhere.
> Riet
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