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Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

I think Howard's point was valid in that the problem seemed to be with the
vet's inexperience with gaited horses and not with the horse having been
overridden.  The "renowned" farrier said that the horse was "fine".  We do
have experience with this having had a MFT and my sister rides a TWH. 
Usually when pointed out that this is the horse's natural way of going, the
vets take that into consideration.  But, yeah, you are probably in grave
danger of flaming here....I am and will always be delighted as heck with my
BC and my daughter's first over the line placing on a 25 LD.  Go ahead and
rain cuz it ain't gonna bother me no more.  I will probably have occasion
to do more LD and if my horse and I are successful and place well or win
BC, you'll hear about it on ridecamp.  I hesitated to even mention my BC on
ridecamp for weeks afterward because of the LD attitudes that come up here
sometimes.  And, I believe Howard said that the girl did receive a
completion.  Yeah, vets are there to protect the horses but some times
there ARE vets who are not terribly experienced with horses and think that
those gaited horses who move their feet everywhichaway must be lame.  
We're having Indian summer here in Michigan so I am going out to take
advantage of it and keep working on that stallion who will start out with
25 CTR and LD next year and we will have a ball doing it! 

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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