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Ice Boots

I have a pair of the freezable ice boots made by DC Enterprises of Oakdale,
Calif. Phone number on the tag is (800) 606-3348

These attach with four wrap around straps with Velcro. We found if you pack
them really well in a good Ice Chest, they will stay frozen for most of a
day. But to really keep them cold, for longer periods of time, you can pack
the ice chest in dry ice. We did this for Tevis. Had about 8 of the boots,
and dry ice all around them, and they stayed cold for 3-4 days. Dry ice is
not something you want to treat casually. You need to wear gloves to handle
it, and be careful what you set it next to in the ice chest. We had a soft
shell ice chest, and the dry ice was next to the plastic liner. It froze the
plastic liner so much, it cracked! But the ice boots stayed cold!

I like the ice boots you freeze, over those you stuff ice into as they are
easy to apply quickly, and they stay on very well. Great to have around at
home for injuries and emergencies on horse or human!

Jonni in Sylmar Calif.

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