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Re: Founder/Triple Crown Complete

At 01:49 PM 10/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Some folks were speaking of Purina Advantage, the beet pulp based horse
>feed.  I've had even better success with a newer, premium Southern
>States/Agway beet pulp horse feed product called Triple Crown Complete.  As
>the name indicates, it is a complete feed and is fine dry and takes to water
>terrifically.  It is high fiber (can't remember the figure off the top of my
>head) and has 8% fat.  That's the highest fat content I've been able to find
>in any horse feed in this area.  Purina Advantage is a really good feed, but
>I like this one even better!
>Anyone else tried it?  Have you heard of it, Sarah?

Haven't tried it (can't get it up here) but I am familiar with it and agree
it's a good one. The beet pulp based, high fat feeds seem to do really well
with our endurance horses (Shades of Susan Garlington's squirrel
story-VBG). Again-there are a lot of good feeds out there. the trick is
finding the one that works well in your individual situation.
Sarah and Fling (just feed me more, Mom-I LIKE being fat!)

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