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Re: Founder/Triple Crown Complete

Some folks were speaking of Purina Advantage, the beet pulp based horse
feed.  I've had even better success with a newer, premium Southern
States/Agway beet pulp horse feed product called Triple Crown Complete.  As
the name indicates, it is a complete feed and is fine dry and takes to water
terrifically.  It is high fiber (can't remember the figure off the top of my
head) and has 8% fat.  That's the highest fat content I've been able to find
in any horse feed in this area.  Purina Advantage is a really good feed, but
I like this one even better!

Anyone else tried it?  Have you heard of it, Sarah?

Susan Swope
AERC Southeast Region
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Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 1:51 PM
Subject: RC: Founder/Strategy

> I hope I did not give the impression in my previous post that I
> Strategy for a foundered horse! If you have good quality grass hay, they
> should not be fed concentrates at all, or, if they need additional grain
> concentrates due to poor hay quality, there is a myriad of products out
> there like Strategy. I'd go for one that was designed as a "complete" feed
> (ie: higher fiber than 8%), moderate(12-14%) protein and high fat (>6%)
> (Duncan, I wish we had more info on appropriate calorie:protein ratios for
> horses but, to my knowledge, we don't). As I said before, the real key to
> managing foundered horses is weight reduction, if they are overweight,
> which is NOT going to be accomplished by feeding lots of grain or
> concentrates!
> Sarah Ralston (Who is NOT affiliated with Purina, despite my last name)
> Sarah L. Ralston, VMD, PhD, dACVN
> Associate Professor
> Department of Animal Science
> Cook College, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
> 84 Lipman Drive
> New Brunswick, NJ 08901
> 732-932-9404
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