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Cuesta Sespe Trail

Hi Steve,
Lynne Glazer and I are going to Rancho Oso above Santa Barbara this
to camp.  Does any part of the trail go through that area?  Any
need to be done in that stretch if it does go that way?  I'd be happy to

throw some clippers, shovels, etc. on the trailer if there's a need.


No, you are in the Los Padres National Forest there, but the Cuesta to
Sespe trail follows about a direct line from the northernmost part of
LPNF at Cuesta Grade in SLO to the southernmost part of the LPNF at the
Sespe River outside of Fillmore in Ventura County. You can see the trail
on any Forest Service map by simply connecting the dots (trails, roads,
etc.) that get you from one end of the Forest to the other. There are
over 13 camps along the route, some with corrals, some next to neat
little saloons or villages. All camps offer at least three days of
riding on various loop trails. Many sights to see especially the condors
in flight!
The Cuesta/Sespe trail is simply a way of traveling and is an
introduction to the Los Padres National Forest. We encourage any
ridecamper to use any and all parts of this forest and are simply
highlighting the backbone trail.

Take clippers anytime you ride. We all should do at least 15 minutes of
work on trails as tithing whenever we ride!

Steve Shaw

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