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RE: Strengthening the rear end

Title: RE: Strengthening the rear end


Here's an addition to that exercise!!!  Ask them to back up over a series of poles/cavalettis.  Excellent rear end work and it teaches the horse to back slowly and on complete command.

Linda Flemmer

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Subject: RC: Strengthening the rear end

Before my horse developed his monstrous abscess, we were working with an
instructor who competes in dressage herself (I'm just working on the
basics).  She taught me a very simple thing that helps to strengthen the
horse's rear end:  when walking over ground poles (or any other low
obstacle), halt the horse when he's straddling the pole.  She explained that
it takes more effort for him to lift his rear legs to clear the pole from a
stopped position than if we just walked continuously over it.  Of course, I
mix it up, because I don't want him to anticipate that I'm always going to
ask for the halt in that situation.

Cindy Eyler

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Subject: RC: Re: RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

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<< I'd love to hear how you guys are working on teaching the horse to use
 rear.  >>

My ex-race horse is "rear-end challenged" right now.  I'm doing lots of
stuff circling, half-halts, shoulder-in, out, etc. at the walk and the trot
mainly.  Cantering and circling, stopping, transitions all while he's
collected and on the bit (this is a better work out than you would think).
am seeing some improvement after 10 months of work.  He is only allowed to
walk up hill at this point and I've noticed when he's fresh he is really
using his rear end nicely, as he tires he starts dragging himself up with
front end (more or less).  Sue Brown (from this list) had some really good
advice on all this, so hopefully she'll respond to your question.  It takes
alot of time to get those muscles developed -- good luck!


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