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Re: RC: Skito pad problem

Hi Judy!
    Sounds to me like you have a really bad problem that is with something besides your saddlepad - maybe your saddle doesn't  fit or your horse is really unbalanced!  I say that because I had the same problem several years ago using a pad very similar to a Skito.  It would scoot off to the right so bad I had to tie it to the saddle to keep it on.  It turned out that my horse had/has low heel/high heel syndrome and was travelling really crooked.  When my farrier, working with Kerry Ridgway, corrected the hoof imbalance and I worked on strengthening the appropriate muscles and changing my horse's mindset, his body straightened out and the pad stopped slipping!
    Because his crookedness is built-in I'll always have to continue exercises to help Dudley  keep as straight as possible - as well as have him shod by an expert farrier!  But I can tell you, he is a much happier horse now than he was before we started all this - and so am I!!
    BTW, I do have a Skito pad with the wool backing which I am extremely satisfied with.  I wash the pad at least once a week and the wool fluffs right up.  (I never use any detergent or soap, just warm water and I do not put it in the dryer.)
    I hope you can get some help figuring out what is making your pad slip so badly!
Cheers, Laney
PS  As shimming, you could experiment using a hand towel.  Try putting it right under the middle of the saddle on top of the saddlepad ( where you sit) because your saddle may be bridging - touching at the front and back but not in the middle.  Also try more thickness on the side the pad slips towards.
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