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Re: RC: Re: RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

I love a proper sitting trot for 15 to 20 meter circles, figure eights and 
serpentine (deep and shallow) for strengthening the stomach, stifle, loin and 
hip.  It also helps with sacro/lumbar flexibility (a "must" for soundness and 
athletic ability).  Some cavelleti work will help in this regard as well.
   When sitting the trot, I do not ask the horse to compromise his "relaxed 
mental state" seeking "collection."  IMO exercise without a "relaxed mental 
state" is exercise in futility.
    Partial collection, nose a bit ahead of vertical, is fine when forward 
motion is relaxed and rhythmic.
    I really believe strengthening the stomach, loin and stifle is integral 
in building a "strong rear end."
    Proper use of leg aids in these exercises certainly helps communicate (in 
quiet tones) the requests to your horse without disrupting that mental state 
so vital to good exercise.

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