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My High headed horse

>Carla said:
>I am going to give 
>Dressage a try there is no such thing as self taught dressage. No matter how 
>many books you read. I would rather go to the classroom and figure out what 
>I am doing since I believe it to be true. Then come back and do my homework 
>on her and see the difference.  I got an idea of the camera I think I will 
>try that too. I think I am going to try to get hubby into some beginner 
>classes. He has a trust issue to deal with and I believe a more controled 
>environment will help him as well I don't want him to be heavy handed as 
>well. Wish Us luck! Going back to school.

Good luck Carla!!  I hope you find a good instructor -- someone on the
ground is absolutely necessary when you're learning new stuff (good thing
too...keeps me in business <bg>) and even when you're more experienced and
still learning new stuff!  I'll be returning to lessons myself when I get
Billy to a certain level of training.  There are things I would like to
learn to do that I haven't done well yet -- I haven't before had a horse
that had the conformation and gaits to go to that level and be able to do
the movements well...and I'm doing it for fun, certainly NOT because I want
to wear a top hat and tails and dance around an arena for 6 minutes. ;-)  I
want Billy to do 100 miles AND canter pirouettes and two tempi
changes...just for fun!!  

It starts with learning to sit correctly and getting the horse to move in a
light, responsive self carriage -- and this is good -- and if that's all
you want to take lessons for, that's okay too...but it doesn't have to stop
*there* if you don't want it to! ;-)  

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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