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to run or not to run

I entered my 5 year old in his first ride this spring.
It was only 25 miles but I was pleased with his
performance considering I did not really condition him
to ride hard.  My question is this.  The main reason I
entered him in this ride in the first place is because
he just wants to GO, GO, GO.  And he seems to go forever.
Because he only seems to have one speed, FAST, I was
going to start some serious schooling to slow him down
(which so far has not worked....doing small circles in the
arena at full speed! Scary).
If I intend to continue in endurance, will this be a
detriment?  Do I just let him GO when he wants to?  What
would you suggest?  Will he eventually slow down?  I
thought I could ride it out of him but he just keeps
getting fitter and going longer and longer.  Three and
and half hours of GO, GO, GO is more than I want to do
sometimes.  And I am usually still holding him back after
that time.  He is not fed a lot so it is not just
excessive feed.  Thanks for any input.

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