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Cevi's update 10/24/99

Juliua Stroup
Hi all, I know it's been a few days since an update, but I wasn't feeling very well and thought it best that I spend that time sleeping.  Cevi is doing very well with her recovery.  Since her surgery, she's regained a lot of movement and then some.  She is no longer having the wear a brace on her left leg, because she's got the muscles back, Hallalujah!!!  Praise Jesus in the highest!  She spent last night at home and went to Allison's Sweet 16 Birthday party.  At first in was a bit uncomfortable because her friends were running around playing and people were treating her differently, plus this was the first social event she's been to since the accident (Thank you Keatons).  She ended up doing a lot of dancing and laughing (I'll have some pictures later this week to send out, including her being the start of the canga line).  Today she's a bit tired and sore (she spent a lot of time up on her feet last night).  We hope that she'll be home for good in a couple of weeks (hopefully by Nov. 6th).
She found out that she won't ever be able to play school basketball again and this broke her heart.  She was trying for college ball and was hoping to letter at SK as her primary goal for this year.  Since not having a kidney knocks her out of all the sports she likes, she feels hopeless in ever getting the letter.  It doesn't matter what I tell her about how much work God has done or how good she is doing, she really wanted to play ball and participate with the team (she's been playing basketball since second grade).
Shary has mono, but she said that she feels fine most of the time (it seems that she's had it for the last few weeks).  She went to the party and looked like she had fun.  She's changed so much (for the better) I feel like I'm getting to know her all over again and I'm so proud of her.  She stuck to Cevi like glue this weekend and I could see a shine in her eyes that was Heavenly sent.  She didn't leave Cevi's side and even slept in Cevi's room with her.  She's driving now and has a much better appreciation for the responsibility it takes to operate an automobile.  Her grades haven't been the best, but now that she's recovering from the mono, I think she'll buckle down a bit and bring them back up.
Tom and I are doing great.  I'm sure we'll have an adjustment period when Cevi and I get home, but since God brought us together, I guess we'll stay that way (ha ha).  My sister Paula was here again this weekend and really pampered Cevi.  She did her finger nail, a facial and a foot massage.  She also trimmed and fixed Cevi's hair beautifully for the party last night (it looked so good).  We have some modifications that need to be done at home so it'll keep us really busy for a bit, but I'll just be glad to have my family under one roof again.  God Bless you all and we love you so much.

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