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My High headed horse

Howdy crew! I just got in from riding. We had a decent day riding today. 
Baru was itching to go. We stayed at a walk simply because my Husband was 
riding with me. I observed several things while riding to day. At my preride 
lunge ( to get the air out of her belly) I noted her trying to buck a 
little. I am not sure why if it was because she was feeling good or If she 
was chasing a fly/flies Bot flies are out now DON'T forget to worm your 
horses!! She chews at the bit and swishes her tail when we started out but 
settled down once we got onto our usual trail. She actually seemed happy to 
be out. I noted several other things as well I would let her have her head 
and she would relax. I noted she would pull the reins a little and stretch 
her head and chew a little then relax more. She did this about three times 
about five minutes apart. I had several good recommendations I really 
appreciate them too.I believe That I need to go to the classroom before she 
does. I think hubby needs to come with me as well. I am going to give 
Dressage a try there is no such thing as self taught dressage. No matter how 
many books you read. I would rather go to the classroom and figure out what 
I am doing since I believe it to be true. Then come back and do my homework 
on her and see the difference.  I got an idea of the camera I think I will 
try that too. I think I am going to try to get hubby into some beginner 
classes. He has a trust issue to deal with and I believe a more controled 
environment will help him as well I don't want him to be heavy handed as 
well. Wish Us luck! Going back to school.
Carla ( working some OT to pay for lessons)
Baru (neener neener neener you gotta go to schoooolll)
Haley ( great I am homework!)
Rob (what does she mean close my eyes and ride?)

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