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Re: Lucky to be writing this!

Very true!  Everytime, all the time!  I took Marci Cunningham's mare to our
kindergarteners at school a few weeks ago.  For fun, our principal agreed to
go for a short ride.   I insisted that she wear the helmet even though it
was only a minute-long ride.  She gladly wore it realizing what an important
message it sent to our students!

Karen & Montoya DSA

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Sent: Sunday, October 24, 1999 9:38 AM
Subject: RC: Lucky to be writing this!

I DO NOT want to start the great helmet debate again.  That being

I am training a youngster right now - exceptionally green gelding.  We
rode in the field while the other geldings were locked in an adjoining
pasture.  Razz had a temper tantrum about working away from his buddies
& bucked.  He bucked <really well>.  When he got done & we both relaxed
(BIG mistake), the neighbor's dog popped out of the hedgerow and yipped
at us.  We were both startled.  Razz levitated sideways & I went off.

I remember a "thunk" against my helmet as I hit, and I was momentarily
dazed.  I then gathered my horse, untangled him from the reins (thank
goodness for teaching him to give to pressure) & finished our ride.

Today I went out to ride my older gelding.  As usual, I reached for the
helmet.  It is SHATTERED on the side that hit the ground!!!  I shudder
to think that it could have been my head.

This is the second time that I feel as though a helmet has saved my
life.  The last time was some years ago when my very steady mare w/ LOTS
of miles on her stepped on a hidden tunnel from some furry woodland
critter.  She somersaulted on top of me, hurting my hip, breaking ribs,
and gave me a severe concussion that has had lasting effects
neurologically.  That hemet was also destroyed in the process.  It was
more than a month before I could return to work, drive, or walk without
getting so dizzy I would fall over.

I will let everyone know just how good Troxel is when I get my $15
replacement Sport helmet.  Until then, I'm borrowing my husband's spare
helemt for EVERY time I ride.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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