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Re: Urgent Prayer Request for My Filly Storyteller

Sending prayers and light.  God speed your recovery, and your horse's.

> From: Susan Young Silberman <>
> To: PasoAficion List <>; RideCamp List
> Subject: RC:  Urgent Prayer Request for My Filly Storyteller
> Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 3:02 PM
> Hi all,
> What a year!  As if enough hasn't happened already ...
> Last Wednesday evening I called my horses up for dinner.  Corista
> came right up, eager to eat as usual.  Storyteller, though, was
> way behind her -- walking slowly, hesitantly, up the pasture.  I
> called her again, wondering why she wasn't just coming right up
> as usual, when she stopped and started pawing the ground without
> moving further.  I went into pasture to see what was wrong.  When
> I got to her, she stood quietly but pointed to her right side
> with her nose.  I looked and first saw blood covering her
> normally white right hind ankle, and then saw two large deep
> puncture wounds -- one in her right hip, one midway up her
> barrel.  I then yelled for my visiting sister to tell my husband
> to call the vet immediately.
> Long story short (although it was a very long night and seems
> like an eternity since then), somehow Storyteller either fell or
> ran into a downed limb (remember all our storms & hurricanes
> lately?), which gave her two deep puncture wounds and some deep
> scratches along her right side.  Some of the wood had broken off
> inside her wounds.  The vet, who was wonderful at
> field-doctoring, was able to fish out some large chunks
> immediately from both wounds, and instructed us to keep flushing
> her wounds several times a day to get the rest of the wood and
> bark and other debris out.  He said the wounds couldn't be
> sutured because of all the debris in there, and it would probably
> take about a week to get all the debris flushed out.  He
> prescribed daily doses of antibiotics, bute, and banamine along
> with the frequent flushing of the wounds, and Granulex to keep
> bugs out of the wounds and to irritate the skin into healing
> itself.
> We still don't know the prognosis.  My wonderful neighbor is
> keeping both my horses in her barn for 24/7 care -- I am
> forbidden by my surgeon to do any horse care for at least 2
> months if I want the recent surgical repair of my right arm to
> heal properly.  (I've already badly compromised my arm Wednesday
> night by having concentrated on holding Storyteller still so the
> vet could put in IV antibiotics and give her sedatives and pain
> killers in the field -- she was tossing her head so he couldn't
> get them in, and I held her halter with my left hand and without
> thinking put my right arm over her face to help hold her
> head-tossing down so the vet could treat her properly.  I think I
> screwed up my arm by doing so.  I was so worried about my baby
> that I totally forgot about myself.)
> I just got back from visiting my girls out in the small paddock
> beside Susan's barn.  Corista looks great, but Storyteller can
> barely move even to get to good grass for grazing.  Her lower
> hind legs are both badly swollen, as is her right hip.  Both
> puncture wounds are still draining.  She can barely walk, and
> paws the ground a lot in frustration.  She also isn't eating like
> she should.  We have to continue to give her injections of bute
> because she won't eat it orally with her feed.
> I need some major prayers going up for Storyteller's healing.
> The vet is excellent -- my neighbor has had him (Dr. Pete
> Hamilton) for her vet for 15 years, and won't even consider
> anyone else for her beloved Trakehners and Polish TBs.  I know
> Storyteller is in excellent hands with the vet & Susan & her barn
> manager taking care of my horses, but Storyteller looks so bad
> that I would really appreciate some major prayers for Divine
> Intervention to speed up her healing process.  What I would give
> for a Magic Healing Wand right now!  This 3-year-old filly is
> very sweet natured, silky-smooth to ride, and a delight to know.
> Very affectionate and trusting and people-oriented.  It is
> breaking my heart to see her like this and to feel so helpless.
> And while you're at it, some prayers to speed up my healing so I
> won't be "crippled" any longer than absolutely necessary would be
> very much appreciated also.  Two years is 2 years too long, and
> I'm at least 2 months away from being able to actively use my arm
> for anything (passive PT only for 8 weeks).  We're having
> delightful riding weather finally, and I have two horses who need
> me to be able to take care of them, and I am feeling extremely
> impatient to be healed -- but I know if I push it any more than I
> already did Wednesday I'll just screw it all up and probably need
> a third round of surgery to fix the damage caused by my
> impatience.  So I'm keeping myself strapped into my sling and
> working hard to stay patient and follow doctor's orders and not
> do all the things I feel like I should be able to do ...
> Thanks, all, for your prayers.  We really need some major Divine
> Help right now.
> Susan
> Hawk's Haven Farm
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