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Re: Road riding question

We are at least fortunate to be within about 2 miles in either direction of
decent trails to ride on.  You wouldn't think we would encounter too much
traffic in our rural area.  Tonight I tried the hand out, palm down signal
to get traffic to slow down...didn't work.  And one lady was within a few
hundred yards of her own drive and must still have been going 50 right past
us....what made me mad was that my daughter's horse had just been
squirrelly right in the middle of the road.  Jenny got him under control
long before the vehicle got there but that lady still had to have seen her
when she was in the road and still didn't bother to slow down...makes me
crazy!!  My other pet peeve is when people will insist on passing us on a
bridge....they may or may not slow down but HAVE to pass!!  BTW, stallion
dumped me tonight...shied at a killer chipmunk in the leaves.  Leaped 5
feet sideways and I hit the dirt....scared to death he'd run for home.  He
quietly started grazing on the side of the trail as if it was the most
natural thing in the world for him to be doing.  I started really getting
on his case for shying after that and he settled into being a real
gentleman.  Good thing... my knees were pretty much jello after that!! :)

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> Subject: RC:     Road riding question
> Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 7:39 PM
> Riding on county roads is dangerous.
> That said, let me say when I am riding a horse on a dirt/gravel road and
> notice an oncoming vehicle (irrespective of direction) that I believe is 
> going to be inconsiderate and not take into account that I am riding an 
> animal I simply do not give them more room, I actually take up more of
> road and at times have even stopped my horse in the middle of the road
> "feigned" that I had no control.
>    THIS IS DANGEROUS! (but for me, has been effective).  You must stay
> at all times when this method is employed, but those same vehicles, in
> future, start slowing down when they see me and my "out of control horse"

> coming into view.
>    Frank Solano.
>    Nebraska (where there are a lot of rural folks in a hurry to get to
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