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Road riding question

Thanks to everyone who's responding!!

Calling the sheriff is probably the best answer I've gotten and would
work best for the majority of people.  Unfortunately, we have a large
county, with the majority of the population in the NE corner of the
county.  We have only 2 sheriff's officers to cover over 2/3 of the
county.  In the SW corner of the county, where I live, they won't
response to a burglary in progress for over 40 minutes and won't respond
*at all* to stop a driver that is going 40 mph in a 65 zone while
crossing ALL of the lines and spending about 1/3 of the time on the
shoulder.  So, you know my problem's not high the list of priorities. 
However, it's still a great idea that deserves passing on.

As to riding facing traffic, it does sound like it would be safer, but in
Kansas it's illegal.  It might, however, be better to be legally wrong
and alive versus being right and dead or injured.  

And the dog idea is good if you have a dog that will stay with you and
not fight every other dog. Unfortunately, I don't, so, I think I'm going
to try a couple of the other suggestions.  

I think the tennis ball is a great idea!!  Though I might put in on a
string so it's easier to hide after the hit!!

I also might try the idea of having my horse "deliberately" act up.  No
matter where I am in the road, the one person ALWAYS comes too close. 
Seems to be a game to her.  If, however, my horse is doing a diagonal
from one side of the road to the other, I'm hopeful that she'll have to
slow down and give us some room and won't be able to play the game.

Thanks so much for all the advice!!!  


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