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Re: shoers and LORI, are you out there?

Well, Gwen, care to take a little jaunt to Michigan??  :)  I have no idea
why some farriers are so arrogant...Nelson actually prefers clients who at
least are knowledgeable enough to know what they want and what works best
for their horses. It's so much easier than having to start from scratch and
figure it out...which takes time and sometimes owners get impatient if you
can't fix their problem the first time you trim or shoe their horse. 
Nelson's biggest weakness isn't that he's arrogant or thinks he knows
everything but that he thinks he should be able to "do it all" and succeed
with every horse he works with and make everybody happy.  In the past, he
had the reputation of being the "miracle worker"...if someone had a problem
horse or a horse with an impossible problem, all the vets and trainers
referred people to him.  He is still very good at both and what a great
feeling to help horses and their owners when they have exhausted all hope. 
I imagine it's similar for a vet...some you can help and come out smelling
like a rose and others been there and done that.  I don't care
how long that guy has been a farrier or even how good he is, he is an ass. 
Even though people consult with and hire a farrier for his expertise, there
is a thing called customer service.  Sometimes, Nelson has to shut his
mouth and grin and bear some of the stuff owners will come up with.  It's
farriers like that guy who give the good ones a bad reputation. What a
jerk. Take heart...I think he must be the exception to the rule.  Perhaps
try the Brotherhood or Working Farriers Association... they have a website
( and will give you names of member farriers in your area. 
Also check out  You can search for farriers there, too.
 Or you can just take an occasional vacation into Michigan....:)  Or just
fly us out there for one every so often.  :)  Either way works for me!! 
Don't let it get you down will find someone and at least you
are educated enough to know a good farrier when you see one.  So many
people aren't.

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> Subject: RC:  shoers and LORI, are you out there?
> Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 6:06 PM
> Hi guys, well, I just had the most interesting experience with a shoer I
> have ever had. Now I remember why I went to vet school. 
> He came out and insulted me first thing when he got out of his truck,
> then got progressively worse as I just asked for what I wanted... for MY
> horses. He left one shoe on the first horse WITH the clinches sticking
> out, told me he's been shoeing for 35 years and that I should shoe my own
> horses if I knew so much. AFTER asking my opinion. 
> HOw about that. Then he said, this isn't his work, got in his truck and
> took off.
> With the clinches and first shoe still on the horse. DIdn't ask any
> history on the horse, or want to see him go.
> SO, I am still looking for a good shoer- and I will haul to get there if
> I have to. If Lori Hayward is out there, would love to talk to you! I
> lost your address in the big email loss.
> Maggie M, care to comment? Why do farriers insist on insulting people who
> have done the work and do know something about shoeing?
> Gwen (blowing off steam, and looking for a good shoer... )
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