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Re: RC: Snaffle vs. Kimberwicke

Many horses don't like jointed bits. If your snaffle is a single jointed
variety she dosn't like the nutcracker action of the mouthpiece and is
responding by leaning and beinf heavy on the bit. When you switched to the
port mouth kimberwick she acted different because the bit works differently
in her mouth and she is more comfortable with this type of pressure. A
snaffle causes a lifting action in the mouth and a single joint increases
this lifting action. A port or mullen causes a lower head carriage and is
gentler because it distribustes the pressure evenly across the horses
mouth. The curb action also encourages a lowered head set because of the
poll pressure and the curb chain which presses on the chin, but also
presses the mouthpiece down on the bars instead of pulling the mouthpiece
back in the mouth like the snaffle will. Don't be afraid to use the slots
on your uxeter cheeks. The top slot will make the bit act like a regular
snaffle with just a bit of poll pressure and the curb will not come into
effect unless your horse really pushes her nose out. The bottom slot will
give curb action. Actually a uxeter riden on the top slot is less severe
than a broucher snaffle and this bit is legal in dressage competions.
Besides isn't your horse telling you she is happier in the uxeter. You said
yourself she was going better.

At 08:47 PM 10/13/99 -0400, Deanna German wrote:
>Let's get back to talking about endurance and endurance horses, shall
>I just did something with my 4YO that I'm sure my trainer won't like. I
>went from a full cheek snaffle and put her in a kimberwicke (ported bar)
>with the curb chain as loose as I could get it and the reins around the
>"D" (not in the slots). Presto! The same filly who was jerking my arms
>outta my sockets is now soft on the bit, is incredibly responsive and
>carries herself better (we're just starting to learn about bending
>properly and collection).

>Deanna & 
>Salina (at first I didn't like this bit, but I'm starting to 
>think it's OK...)
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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