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Snaffle vs. Kimberwicke

Let's get back to talking about endurance and endurance horses, shall

I just did something with my 4YO that I'm sure my trainer won't like. I
went from a full cheek snaffle and put her in a kimberwicke (ported bar)
with the curb chain as loose as I could get it and the reins around the
"D" (not in the slots). Presto! The same filly who was jerking my arms
outta my sockets is now soft on the bit, is incredibly responsive and
carries herself better (we're just starting to learn about bending
properly and collection).

The reason I say that my trainer won't like it is because she insists
that everything can be done in a snaffle. I'm willing to concede that I
don't have the skill to be responsive enough and lighten up on her with
the snaffle when I need to, but that's because she was hauling me around
by her mouth in it. With the kimberwicke, I'm using very light hands and
getting terrific response. I gotta believe it's more pleasant for the
filly to not be fighting me.

Any thoughts? The next time the trainer comes, how do I convince her to
let me train under her with the kimberwicke? Can I switch back to the
snaffle and expect that she'll still be soft or will the battles be the
same or worse?

Deanna & 
Salina (at first I didn't like this bit, but I'm starting to 
think it's OK...)

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