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Maggie's survey

 Hi Ridecampers,
 If you will reply privately to avoid cluttering up ridecamp, I promise to
 make the results of this little survey public.  This is what I am curious
 about... I find myself looking at any and all ride photos trying to get a
 peek at the FEET and see what they look like, angles, length of foot, type
 of shoe, etc.  Not a very easy "feat" (hahaha).  I am dying to know what
 you guys DO with your horses' feet.  So, I thought I would just ASK!!  For
 those who know, what angle, length of toe, etc. do you use?  How many go
 barefoot?  How many just have shoes in the front?  All the way around? 
 What kind of shoe do you use?  Do you prefer shoes with or without clips
 (and why)?  I really am interested the most in the angle and length of toe
 that you are going with.  Everyone has their own opinion on that but boy
 see a lot of horses with little or NO heel...did you know the 4-H horse
 book still says that 45 degrees is the ideal angle?  They also teach this
 in FFA (at least 45 degrees is the correct answer on the written test in
 the Horse Judging Competition!).  Please make whatever comments you like,
 keeping in mind I may use some of them in my "report".  I may even put
 together and put it in my newsletter.  Hey, Trish you think
 would PAY me to publish an article about this???  :)  Thanks in advance
 P.S.  Have finally heard from the owner of those horses with swollen
 opted to go back to her old farrier (who, she complained about vigorously
 when she begged Nelson to take her on).  Waiting to hear from the vet yet!

 Thanks for all of your support and encouragement!!

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