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Re: RC: Reaction to Vaccine/call the ridecamp Doctors


We are all interested in the care and well being of our horses and I believe 
that without that their would be no endurance.  So please share with the rest 
of us, personally over the past year I have learned so much from this list, 
this is where to come for help when you need it.

I have had this reaction, with a wormer called Telman B on my WB gelding, I 
think they took it off the market maybe 5yrs. ago, he cleared up and was fine 
in a couple of days, its been awhile but I'm pretty sure I used hosing and 
bute.  It could very well be a reaction to the vaccine, make a note of the 
brand and nerver use it again.

Nice talking with you,
Sorrento, Fl

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