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Re: Hold Times/food

At 07:53 PM 09/28/1999 -0400, Rides 2 Far wrote:
> >I figure that they each consume approximately 30 pounds of feed per >day
>on >a multiday (what about the rest of you guys?)
>Good grief Karen, you'll founder all the newbies if they think that's the

ROFL....yeah but most of what they eat is hay!  Out of that 30 pounds I'm 
figuring probably 25 of it is hay, and the rest is a combination of the 
Advantage, LMF, bran/cob mix and other stuff.  (remember that feed list I 
had fed them for 9 days....not just the 5 during the ride)

On a regular one day ride I can't get them to want to each much 
grain.....don't think they'll eat more than 4 pounds in one day.  (I was 
once told that if I got my horses in better shape they'd eat more 
grain.....)   Seems like the more in shape they got, the more HAY they'd 
want to eat!!  I'd definitely tell any newbie out there that if your horse 
won't eat hay, DON'T FEED ANY GRAIN!  (and if your horse can't get thru a 
50 without eating any grain then there is probably something wrong with 
your conditioning program)

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,010 miles
& Weaver, 3,105 miles

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