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Re: Hold Times/food

>I figure that they each consume approximately 30 pounds of feed per >day
on >a multiday (what about the rest of you guys?)

Good grief Karen, you'll founder all the newbies if they think that's the

O.K.  No multi-days here but here's Angie's super simple feed program:

On a 50:

The day before when I haul he gets 1/2 his normal 3-lb (size) coffee can
of Legends 10 grain.

That night (Friday) he gets the can about 3/4 full and all the Coastal
he'll eat. (One bale lasts from Friday thru Sunday with some left over)

At the vet check he's offered coastal, beet pulp, carrots, alfalfa,
apples, bran, and all the neighbor's hay,>eg<  What he WANTS is grass.

The Saturday evening after the race he gets about 1 and 1/3 coffee cans
of grain, which I split up giving him a little every few hours, starting
a few hours after the ride when I think he's tanked up a little.

On a 100, I don't change much, except maybe I steal more hay from the vet
checks of 50's who've left it behind after they finish.  When I pack for
a ride, I can get all his grain in a 5 gallon bucket. One bale of hay,
and a couple of small bags of goodies.

I guess Kaboot gets pretty good "hay mileage". :-)



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