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Re: RC: Re: RE: Hold Times

At 03:18 PM 09/28/1999 -0400, Maggie Mieske wrote:
>to.  Keep up the discussion about these kinds of things.  Also, what do YOU
>guys usually feed your horse at a hold?  Just curious...I have a little

Feed?......whatever they'll eat we'll pretty much feed them!!  My horses 
seem to really like the Purina Complete Advantage at vet checks.  Sometimes 
they also like a bran mash, or beet pulp, and of course always carrots and 
apples (mostly carrots).  (and hay of course, but it's even better if there 
is natural grass to graze on) This last ride the buggers wouldn't hardly 
touch the beet pulp and at the multiday ride they went to before this one 
they cleaned me out!  One thing I have noticed with both horses as they 
have evolved is that they are continually changing their preferences.  What 
they liked a 1000 miles ago isn't necessarily what they'll touch today, and 
probably what they want tomorrow won't be what they want today.  So it's 
kinda like a game trying to figure out what to give them.  If I put e-lytes 
in their feed at all I offer them two choices of that same feed - one with 
and one without.  Sometimes they want the stuff with the e-lytes and 
sometimes not, but I've found that if you just offer them one choice 
sometimes they'll refuse to eat it so that's why you'll see me at a ride 
with about a dozen buckets of varying concoctions.  (spoiled horses)  The 
mainstay of my diet however, remains gu, juice, soda and tuna sandwiches.  <bg>

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,010 miles & an OUTLAW :+)
& Weaver, 3,105 miles

P.S.  On this last ride I went thru (for 2 horses)

nearly three bales of hay (125+ pound bales)
1 50 pound bag of Purina Complete Advantage
1 5 -gallon bucket of Purina Complete Advantage
1 5-gallon bucket of LMF endurance feed
part of one 50 pound bag of LMF endurance feed
1/2 of one 5 gallon bucket of beet pulp
25 pounds of oat/alfalfa pellets
1 5 gallon bucket of bran/cob mix
20 pounds of carrots
10 pounds of apples
4 pounds of endura-max e-lytes (had some mixed up left over)

I figure that they each consume approximately 30 pounds of feed per day on 
a multiday (what about the rest of you guys?)

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