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she has scratches on all four legs up to knees and 
hocks, I had the vet out as she is in foal and wanted her
examined, he suggested
Benadyne scrub daily, I have done this for a week , but no
changes I can there a better approach to this problem ?
Hi McClain
I had the same problem and the vet told me to do the same thing but he
also said to bandage it as the sun aggravates the situation. Well the
moistness under the bandage (even though I changed it often) defeated my
purpose--it got worse.Sooooo...I got some bombproof spray sun block
---the kind kids can't wash off swimming---and spayed it on 2-3 times a
day---voila! The scratches disappeared within days---and this had been a
condition that had hung on for over well over a month. I put the
fungicide underneath the sun block---microtek has a good one. Hope this

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