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Re: RC: scratches

zinc oxide will clear scratches up.  it does collect a lot of dust/dirt and
is hard to wash off but it does protect the skin from moisture.  zinc oxide
is what is in Desitin.

karen clanin

At 03:57 PM 9/28/99 -0700, Bette Lamore wrote:
>she has scratches on all four legs up to knees and 
>hocks, I had the vet out as she is in foal and wanted her
>examined, he suggested
>Benadyne scrub daily, I have done this for a week , but no
>changes I can there a better approach to this problem ?
>Hi McClain
>I had the same problem and the vet told me to do the same thing but he
>also said to bandage it as the sun aggravates the situation. Well the
>moistness under the bandage (even though I changed it often) defeated my
>purpose--it got worse.Sooooo...I got some bombproof spray sun block
>---the kind kids can't wash off swimming---and spayed it on 2-3 times a
>day---voila! The scratches disappeared within days---and this had been a
>condition that had hung on for over well over a month. I put the
>fungicide underneath the sun block---microtek has a good one. Hope this
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