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National Championship

Personally, I think every AERC member should be entitled to ride in "their"
own membership National Championship ride. The pre-qualifications make it so
difficult for one reason or one year after another.  I think a majority of
our members (and you need to be an AERC member to enter) would do the
base-work to prepare themselves and horses to  ride this event. I would also
call it the AERC Challenge as I can't see a one day 100 mile "winner"
receiving any more credit than the "National 100" mile award who might ride
5 or 6,  100 milers in one year!  AERC should also offer points or even
double points for their own event.
I've worked with Susan many, many  years on the ROC and I really miss that
event - everyone who participated was their own champion.
Happy Trails,
Beverly Gray

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