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National Championship

I rode the ride this year on a mare with less than 1000 miles and we not
only did well but had a great time competing against some of the best
riders in the country.  I would not have been able to go if the format had
been 1000 miles (I rode that horse in the Pan/Am Games).  I hope AERC keeps
the qualifications just as they are.  It was a challenge to be able to
qualify, it was a very challenging ride and I feel everyone that
participated had an excellent time.  New ideas and rides take time to catch
on and develop.  I can bet you there will be a large attendance next year. 
I definitely will be returning and trying to qualify one in the 50 and one
in the 100.  The idea of competing only against riders in your weight
division was the best.   That concept definitely needs to stay.   Linda

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