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  In my understanding, no reasearch team has been able to reproduce the 
results that are quoted in the ads for the Sport Medicine Boots.
In other words those results on the support capabilities of the boots might 
have been skewed in some way to show a flukey positive result.
I had read this before, but Jeannie Waldron also included that in her speech 
at the AERC Convention this year.
  I had not been using the boots because I hated the rubs.  Vaseline didn't 
avoid it.  Cornstarch helps a lot, but over 100 miles, I still lost hair on 
the sesamoid area.
  Being aware of the possible uselessness of the boots, the heat retention, 
and the rubs, I did opt to use them at the Pan Am ride due to the deep sand. 
I just thought it was safer.  My horse had beautiful legs and no soreness or 
swelling whatsoever afterwards.  Possibly/probably the results would have 
been the same without, but I'll never know.
  I don't routinely use them.  I have no problem going through water with 
them.  I take them off and clean them thoroughly at each stop (or my pit 
crew does).
  If they were banned, I wouldn't be that upset. I have known others who 
have had horses who got hot under them and they got sore. I have tried the 
knee brace on me and at the end of a ride I have a terrible rash lasting for 
a few days around my knee.  The neoprene is just too hot for me.
Roberta Harms

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