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Re: RC: sheath wanted ad

At 02:54 PM 8/13/1999 -0600, wrote:
>Wanted: Cleaning person.  Salary : 10.00/hr.
>Wages: commensurate with ability!  Special skills: doesn't mind gooey 
>black smegma under fingernails or having horses pretend to kick your head
>when you reach under there if the owner hasn't up.
>Spelunking skills a must.  Underdeveloped sense of smell is desired.
>Animalophiles need not apply.   Must understand how to remove said gook
>from your hands upon completion.  (I've never figured it out...your hands
>stick to the
>towels...and then the paper towel rips and then you've got smeggy paper
>towel hands 
>the horse is wondering why you have this on your hands....and
>least...always wants to smell it!
>Sorry, horsey love  has made me pragmatic.

For heaven's sake -- get some disposable exam gloves!  Who wants stinky
hands that'll stay stinky for hours?

Cindy Eyler

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