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I originally sent this just to John, but thought the rest of you might be
interested, too.  My experience has not been positive although I think the
"idea" has merits.

				Sue in California

>Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 14:28:07 -0700
>To: "John B.Ayers" <>
>From: Myron & Sue Flagg <>
>	My old shoer quit on me last fall (AGONY!!!!!)  New shoer had just been
to a Gene Ovnicek shoeing clinic and was all excited about this new stuff.
(He's also been to several since last fall).  My horses were an experiment.
 (BTW, he's not shoeing any other SOUND horses with NBS, only foundered
ones....)  I liked the concept, so agreed, but new shoer is young and
learning.  Problem I've had with the new shoer is he doesn't want to trim
much (following the NBS principles -- which I feel shouldn't really apply
on a shod horse...), so the horses feet have gotten more and more out of
balance each shoeing.  New shoer has been doing them since last fall.  They
are so bad now that even my non-horsey husband can see how badly out of
balance they are...  He trimmed my older mare so short twice that she was
lame on our gravel driveway (she was okay on soft stuff).  He's now shod
her a couple of times and she has the classic long toe, low heel trip in
spite of his "Natural Balance" b.s. and she's "paddling" like crazy in
front and NEVER did that before.  One of my other mares is marginal on the
flats but terribly pigeon-toed on hills (wasn't before).
>	It may work in the "wild" but I'm not sure how well it works with
"captive" horses....  And I guess it depends on how well your shoer does
it.  Look at some of his current customers, especially ones 4-6 weeks after
shoeing.  Good luck.
>		Sue in California (currently groveling to old shoer hoping he'll come
>At 12:34 PM 8/13/1999 , you wrote:
>>Who has had experience with the "Four-point"
>>or "Natural" shoeing...good or bad?
>>We are on the "Great Farrier Search" and one 
>>of the candidates is doing it.
>>John and Meshack (I don't want to be an experiment!)
>> (Vermont Equestrian Activities)
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