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squeaky shoes??

Hi guys,

Think I've managed to come up with another *new* one.  

Kaboot's hooves have gone to pot during July, apparently in reaction to
rain EVERY day for 2 weeks, and then a horrid heatwave.  They got very
shelly and the farrier had to come re-shoe his rear after 3 weeks.  He
lost the first shoe he's *ever* lost in 5 years and 1700 miles.  He's
breaking up around the clinches pretty bad.

Now, here's the good part. The farrier reshod him with clips in the rear.
 The next day I lead him out and heard something strange...his hooves are
squeaking like an old saddle!  Actually, it sounds *exactly* like a
squeaky saddle.  He's had clips before, but no noises!  I'm really
nervous about things like whiteline.  I have this fear that his hoof is
hollow or something.  He's fine.  Rides great...but he squeaks!!! 
Anybody ever heard of such?

Angie and Kaboot (squeaky)

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