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Additional info on the PAC reward info

In reference to the note discussing the reward offered locally
at PAC - the actual situation was that a number of Brians
Quicksilver Endurance club friends wanted to do everything 
possible to increase the chances of Goofy being found.

Julie Suhr took the lead and realized that getting agreement 
in a short time for contributions to a reward fund might take
a while.  Given this - she asked me to contact Brian and 
let him know about the offer.  Julie was initially mentioned 
as providing the reward but she was doing it for Brians concerned
friends in the club who would be contributing and she would be one 
of them.

Even though the people working with Brian may have turned down 
the reward - a number of us would still like to contribute to a 
local charity of their choice if they will designate one.

The effort they put out was as if Brian were one of their own.

Really great people.



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