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This is the story on the  $1000 reward offered for the return of Brianís lost 
horse.  The original idea was Nancy Elliott's when she returned from being an 
FEI veterinarian in Manitoba. She called me and I  said she thought a reward 
might get more people out and keep them out there hunting longer. I  told I 
would pursue the issue.  In talking to others, it was decided that,  since 
time was of the essence, we did not have the opportunity to  wait around to 
collect a lot of donations, but the money needed to be  offered immediately.  
So Bob and I guaranteed the amount, knowing full well that Brianís friends 
would chip in and we would never be out  very much.  If you know Brian, you 
also know why people gathered around him  so quickly to help.  Brian is a 
member of the Quicksilver Endurance Riders and he has twice served as our 
president  and was chairman of last yearís Annual Quicksilver Fall Classic.   
Brian is also a team player who has demonstrated repeatedly his willingness 
and his enthusiasm in helping others  on the trail, or, if he is not riding, 
crewing for one and all. 

At this time, Thursday evening,  $400 of the committed $1,000 has been 
pledged. Anyone wanting to be a part of this effort, can call me at 
831-335-5933 or e-mail me. 
Since the local people who found the horse have graciously refused the 
reward, we have decided that the money should nevertheless be collected and 
used to good advantage.  Ideas being tossed around are donating it to a local 
charity of the rescuersí choice. or to a trailís organization. When Brian 
returns, we will ask his opinion also and, when a final decision is made, a 
report will be sent to ridecamp. Brian will be notified of the names of the 
donors, but there will be no breakdown of who gave how much. 

Mike Maul, another Quicksilver member, deserves the credit for being the 
contact person between the search and rescue in Manitoba and the folks at 
home who cared about Brian and Goofy. We are happy their  nightmare is  
finally over.    Julie Suhr

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