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<<p.s. For those w/ this problem, I have started my mare on progesterone to  
calm her heat cycles & at the last ride, she did not even test me. But, I'll
always keep that red ribbon. Heck, I've even put it on when riding my
husband's easy to get along w/ gelding just to keep an unknown horse nose out
of his butt !! (I have worked hard to train my horses to keep that horse
length, so I am a lil' testy on this sub) 

Christy >> 

For those of you who have kickers, I was wondering if you have tried the 
Tellington-Jones TTOUCH with them. I have played around with some of her 
techniques, but more importantly for me is that I touch my horses everywhere 
when I groom. Sort of like a self examine. I want to know where every little
bump is and whether or not it's normal. It sems to me that a horse that is
that familiar with being handled is far less likely to be offended at being
touched, much less simply approached. Provided of course that the horse
approaching isn't asking for it. I remember that Tellington-Jones has a video
for working with mares who are hard to breed, or hesitant. Seems like that
might help a little for the kickers. Any method that helps a mare stand for a
squealing stallion ought to help her ignore a horse simply trotting by don't
you think? 

Karen H. 
BTW, my mare is not thrilled with strange horses either, but she turns to face
them, or swings her hind end away at the least. I tried to breed her to a
stallion years ago that was "loud" and she would have nothing to do with him.
But of course she sucks up to my quiet yearling! 

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