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Re: RC: Re: Pan Am BC--Penalty -- 61?

I am not going to address the issue if this hold was fair or not.  But you can
detect a pulse over 60 - even a 61 using a 15 second count (even with 4000 year
old math).  If the pulse taker started to time immediately after a beat and
beat 15 happened some time before (even if it was only 1/4 second - which is
actually a long time) the 15 second mark on the clock then the heart rate is
faster than one beat every 15 seconds or 60 beats per minute.  If the critera
was 60 it doesn't matter if it was 61 or 95, it is above 60.

My suspicion was this is how the pulse taker was taking the pulse and this is
what happened.   If the rules state that it is to be 60 or less when presented,
it would not be fair to allow her the extra time of having the vet to retake
it.  By the time the vet got over to take it would have most likely have been
down, even if it wasn't down when presented.  This would not have been fair to
the other riders.

This is a risk you take when you present as close as you can at rides that have
penelties.  Sometimes it pays off - sometimes it doesn't.


roberta carleton wrote:

> I am in full agreement with you -- first how can a horse have a pulse of 61
> on a 15 second count??????  NEW MATH?

Truman Prevatt
Brooksville, FL

Mystic "The Horse from Hell" Storm
Buck's Mystic Karma
Rocket a.k.a. Mr. Misty
Jordy a.k.a. Bridger (when he is good)
Danson Flame - Hot Dog I'm healed and ready to go.

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