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Re: RC: Kickers

Cathy Pritchett wrote:
> ...
> But why should you or any one have to stick a red ribbion in your horses
> tail to warn people that your horse does what horses do, it kicks when it
> feels threatened.  EVERY horse out there will do it...

Exactly. I wouldn't class my horse as a "kicker", but the first time
someone shot past us close by, he reacted the way any horse would.

Sure, this rider's passing (on singletrack) was announced by an "On your 
left!" *as* he brushed by. Gave me loads of time to get the horse under 
control. Not.

That's my pet peeve - please warn of your passing, but please warn *and*
give enough time for the rider to get themselves sorted out/in a safe 
position (as someone pointed out, in some cases, that might mean backing 
the horse's firing end into the bushes).

Warning *as* you pass doesn't really help.

Sarah Ralston wrote:
> ...
> BTW_ the other thing I HATE at rides are the hot shoes who literally gallop
> by you, especially on narrow trails when they can see your horse is having
> mind farts (or know that your horse is prone to such problems). A little
> courtesy-slow down to a trot, give the person you are passing time to
> collect their horse before passing and hold that trot for a minute or two
> after passing to avoid engendering thought of the Kentucky Derby in the
> horse being passed....

Amen to that.

I'm about to take my greenie to her first organised "fun" ride. 
She's going to have a large array of green and red ribbons on her 
tail because I have no idea how she's going to react to this sort 
of behaviour. I'm hoping the ribbons will get noticed and fellow
trail riders will react accordingly, slowing down, passing wide
with plenty of warning, etc.

Fingers crossed.

(OK, so I've got stomach ache at the prospect <g>)

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA

with Mouse and Provo

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