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More on the finding of Brian's horse Goofy...


Some of you may have already heard, but I just got off the phone with Val
(Brian's girl friend) and have more details for those interested.

First of Val sounded estatic and said she and Brian got tons of sleep
finally last night.  Goofy is going to be fine.  He was found in a hay
field about 6 miles from where he and Brian parted company.  All his tack
was still on, but he was basically hobbled since a rear foot was through a
stirrup.  He also had a very large gouge in his arm pit where the breast
collar dug in and it was full of magots (ick).  Other than that just real
thirsty and hungry.  The vets say he will be fit to travel in a few days...
I am sure Brian and Val will be recovered by then as well.

Julie Suhr had put up a $1,000.00 reward, and the locals that found him
(Bri was not with them) refused the reward.  Thank you Julie, and the
community around Spruce Woods!!!!  Val could not speak highly enough of the
local folks that pitched in to help.  I too am greatful since I had to
catch a flight Monday and was unable to stay and support them.

Val's horse Copper has done a great many miles a day since doing 70 miles
on Saturday, and is probably thrilled Goofy finally showed up too.

Another happy ending...

Jennifer Layman
Val's Groom (seems ages ago)

Jennifer Layman
Housing Maintenance Services - Stanford University

"The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse."

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