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Re: RC: Holy Hay Mites, Batman!

I can imagine the shock of people encountering chiggers for the first
time.  But, I have to admit that I have a hard time feeling sorry for
people who have to up with chiggers for a couple of months.  Ya'll do
realize that there are those of us who live with those tiny monsters all
day and night, all spring, summer and fall?  That we cannot even walk
across the yard without being bitten repeatedly?  And those topical
pesticides?  Yeah right.  And topical treatments for the bites?  Yeah
right.  I agree with Linda, the only treatment that works is an internal
anti-itch treatment.  Mostly, people around here just ignore chigger
bites -- you scratch when it itches and that's about it.  If you go
through a nest, then you do something.

You might try something called Ruligel.  It's not very expensive and
helps some.  Also, I've had decent relief with over-the-counter Benadryl
tablets.  Lots cheaper than prednisone and fewer side effects.  

By the way, my husband couldn't believe how horrible chiggers were either
when he moved here from Tennessee.  He calls them "a plague" as in out of
the Bible.  Says locusts have nothing on chiggers.


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