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Holy Hay Mites, Batman!

Dee <> said:

> Also, what are those topical pesticide treatments that southern doctors
> recommend.  I am highly susceptible to chigger bites and itch for days.
> Which is another reason I don't ride much in the summer and when I do, I
> don't get off my horse except on very well used areas.

This is what the person told me:

> Chiggers also live on grasses and shrubs.   Once you get
> them, they itch, often for several weeks.   Cuprex and A200
> applied the first few days will help kill the larvae, but
> the itch will persist.  Some people use fingernail polish
> to "smother" the larvae.  My doctor gave me a
> prescription for some lotion type stuff that actually
> contained Lindane to apply 3x daily w/a q tip.

I also strongly recommend my #1 drug of choice:  prednisone
taken in pill form.  That made a marked improvement in the
itching in just 24 hours.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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