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Re: Holy Hay Mites

The worst thing about living in Oklahoma are: THE BUGS!  Walk barefoot in
the yard?  HA!  What luxury!
The best thing for chiggers, and yes they itch for two weeks, is prevention.
We have found if you put SKIN-SO-SOFT on before you go out, it helps a
bunch.  If you have gotten into them take a bath in clorox (diluted of
course).  (This advice is from the "experts"..people who have lived here all
their lives)
BTW, I have come to the conclusion that HORSES can get chiggar bites!  The
first summer any horse is here at the ranch (100 acres)they get bites and
scabs all over their legs, usually from the knees down.  By their second
summer, they never get it.  They also get "scratches" their first summer and
also something  like poison oak on their pink noses!  I don't know if they
become immune or what but by the second summer they don't get it.

Having it in hay is news to me.  I've never heard of such a thing, and
chiggars love bermuda grass!  May be a different type?

Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians

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