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thank you for responses will keep you posted

  Hi there I want to thank all ya'll for the quick responses I recieved 
about the scratches. If it doesn't look any better by this weekend I will 
call the vet. I don't like to fool around with these things.
  I have gotten some great replies and I am going to try one in particular. 
I have also thought about trying burning my underwear in a bonfire with 
Barus feed bucket and chanting naked to the Alfalfa God. does anyone have 
any kumkuats they can spare as my sacrifice? All you folks who wanna join 
give me an email. Bring your own kumkuats, underwear and refreshments.
  Again thanks all ya'll
Carla and Baru ( MMMOOOOMMMMMMMY the cows are teasing and  bothering me 

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