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Re: RC: Easyboots

I use the sneakers on Char's front feet and love them. They seem to really 
reduce the concussion and have increased her stride. They are a little more 
expensive, but also get more mileage than the regular shoes. If you get a 
pair, be sure they are one size BIGGER than your horses normal shoe size as 
they cannot be "stretched" like regular shoes, but need to be cut down. Plus 
you need to find a farrier that knows how to put them on. The only problem I 
find with them is that they tend to pick up rocks. I carry a hoof pick with 
me and check her feet if she feels "off" and whenever I get off. They also 
felt funny to her at first, so go on a couple good conditioning rides before 
competing. they also need to build up traction. The sneakers don't 
necessarily work for everyone. It depends on how the horse moves. A couple 
friends tried them and their horses tore them up after one ride. Good luck!
Karma & Char

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