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RC: Re: saddles

>Does anyone out there ride a saddle made by American Saddlery? Their
>endurance model. I believe it was compared to a Big Horn, but in leather. 
>I have a chance to by a used one, If it fits the horses.  Would like to
>know how they hold up, etc.  Thanks Nicki
One of the boarders has one for her horse and uses it as her saddle of
choice with her "off the track" TB who can be a bit of a handful at times.
(This one was a real *nut* case from the abuse he had received but,
luckily, had a couple of years of James' retraining so he's definitely
ridable.)  She's working on some reining patterns right now and says she
likes the security she has with this saddle.  She also has a Stubben Nova
dressage saddle (the $2400 model (!) -- the one I'd LOVE to own!) but rides
more in the American.  I haven't been able to try it on any of my guys
since it's too narrow for anyone...altho now it may fit Billy since he came
with withers so I'll have to give it a test ride someday.  Anyway...she
rides a lot and the saddle seems to hold up very well.  She says it's very

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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