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Arizona Anyone?

It may be a bit premature, but there's a chance I may be moving to the
Flagstaff, Arizona area this year (possibly soon!). I have been trying
to find out more about real estate, places to keep horses, riding
activities, etc. I've been there and looked around, so have a general
idea of what the area is like, but would appreciate some help here. Any
RideCampers have recommendations for a temporary boarding place for 2
horses, perferably not stalls but pasture/shelter type boarding? And
what are my possibilities of finding a property to rent with horse
facilities within reasonable driving distance to Flagstaff? I did find
one place, but it was a lease option and I want to look for a property
to purchase, so don't want to be tied in to a long-term lease. And I
definitely will need recommendations for farrier and veterinary care.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please email me privately.


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