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RE: Endurance saddles

Title: RE: Endurance saddles


I ride in the OF Express Lite and I find it is a balanced ride with the stirrups set in a good location for a balanced ride.  These stirrups are MUCH further back than the OF trail & western saddles.  They're very similar to the Dressuer in placement.  The thigh blocks (in front of thighs) are a god-send on fast downhills!!  The pommel is low enough to be out of the way yet big enough for a hand rest, tie things to, etc.  The standard locations for rings and ties on this saddle have proven to be more than adequate.

I got the stitchdown seat on mine - absolute heaven in a padded seat.  It is anatomically padded to support your seat bones and allow a balanced posture.  Mine came much bigger than expected based on what I usually ride & my measurements that I sent them - they seem to run large.  Be forewarned.  To combat that "swimming" feeling in the large-ish seat, I added a full merino wool saddle cover.  It worked.

If I were to change anything on this saddle, I'd like to get rid of the in-flap long-billet english rigging in favor of an adjustable dropped rigging more in line with the model 1904 McClellan or a Hook endurance.  I like the ability to move the girth to the ideal location for the individual horse & terrain, and I can't do that with the Express Lite.  The OF in-flap rigging is down low enough that it is out from under my leg, though.

Like with any of the OF saddles I've seen, the leather ad workmanship is excellent.  It had better be for the price!!  Good luck finding what you want.

Out of curiosity, why not use your Dresseur for endurance?  Could OF add some D rings or ties for you so that it could serve for both purposes?

Linda Flemmer

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From: Ruth Bourgeois []
I'd buy another Ortho-flex if I can find a model that works as well for
balanced, centered riding as the Dressuer model. But I've been looking
at others as well. I'd prefer a saddle that is more like an endurance
model, not English type. Donna Synder-Smith said some endurance riders
have good luck with the OF Express Lite model. Any comments or
suggestions on brands/types that offer a more balanced ride plus fit
well on a fairly wide-backed horse?

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