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Help, how do you keep a wrap on?

Came any one help me? Last week my mare Annie was very baddy cut on the LF pastern on a ride. I had ridden this trail many times before and NO WIRE but with all the rain the Dakotas are getting this summer looks like the old barbwire fences are washing down the hills. Any way after a long walk home and the help of a now  freind's cell phone , the vet came out a stiched it, she seems fine. But she paced the stall to no end. This was not helping the healing, so I put her out in a corral with little old Pepper for company. She much calmer and standing still most of the day.  Now how do you keep the flies off it? I've tryed every flie spray I can find even Catron IV(used on cattle when dehorned) I've wraped it with vet wrap ,the whole hoof and lower leg. But with all the dew it crawls up the leg  by morning and the flies are on it! This morning I put an old sock on it wraped the hoof with duct tape and leg with vet wrap. I'm hoping this will stay. But just in case I need some ideas for you all. Some one should made a easy boot with fly mash on it for this kind of cut.Is there something like that out there on the market? My vet says just rewrap when it comes off, but the fly get there way before me. HELP!
Tamara and Annie

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